Electronic Notes
Early Intervention- Electronic notes completed in ProviderSoft via EMR for Early Intervention protocol will remain the same.

Homecare Electronic Notes (EMR)– (Parallels, McKesson, etc.)- CFY’s & COTA’s WILL document the notes in the EMR and leave as a DRAFT (DO NOT COMPLETE the note) Your SUPERVISOR WILL REVIEW the note in the EMR and then “COMPLETE” submit the notes for you.

CFY’s & COTA’s will upload paper completed notes daily with voucher via email to


• Each note should be a separate PDF document with the name of client and
date of visit (2021_1201 Mouse, Mickey OT RV )
• Subject: Notes for “date of visit” i.e.: Subject: Notes 11.22.21
Keep your notes labeled and organized on your computer.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at therapydepot@therapydepotonline.com