Therapy Depot Therapists 2 Go

Company Dinner


04/22  Bayside, NY

06/22  Manhattan, NY

08/22  Atlantic City, NY

10/22  Astoria, NY

12/22   Miami, FL



Staff Events

Appreciation to all the participants who came out to relax, network and enjoy the New York City lights!

This was a Great night of Fantastic, Food, Fun, For the Therapy Depot-Therapists 2 Go Family.

The Tao Restaurant was large enough to accommodate us and big enough to drown out our laughter.  Those of us who work so hard always say we work hard so we can “play” harder!

And THEN the Party Began!

Private Events

Keep an EYE OUT The next networking event survey will be posted below.  Give us your ideas we have a long summer to make up for the past 2 years of COVID isolation.  Come out and meet others who do what you do as “specialty” providers of the community that needs us.


DOn’t Miss the next one!