Welcome – Overview of training:

Providers of Therapy Depot represent “our customer” the referral source (Prime Home Health Services).
When calling to schedule with a patient, “Greetings my name is “……” Physical Therapist from Prime Home Health services calling for “patient” to schedule physical therapy in your home.

*Prime Home Health Services uses a different calendar week (other agencies use Sunday – Saturday)
• Prime Week – Monday – Sunday

  • Prime is one of the agencies we work with that require us to use Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)
  • You must have an iPhone to use the Prime EVV system.
    • If you do not have an iPhone, please notify Therapy Depot Case Management and an iPhone will be provided to you free of charge.
  • You will receive an email from Therapy Depot Case Management OR follow the instructions in this orientation with instructions to download the app that will be needed to complete EVV.
  • Anytime you accept a Prime referral you must contact the family and set up a date for the evaluation.
  • Once you have a date set, you must contact Staffing & Case Management to let them know when you are scheduled for.
  • BEFORE making the visit Check the EVV app that the child is scheduled for the day you will be making the visit.
  • It takes a minimum of 30 minutes for the visit to show up on your end in the EVV once added.
  • If you do not see the patient under the correct date/day, please PRIME scheduling support directly. Petula Edwards at 718-646-1900 ext 1802 and email pedwards@primehhs.com and cc: Therapy Depot Case Management so that they can move the visit to the correct date.
  • At the beginning of your session with the patient you must Clock in using the EVV app
  • Please make sure that you write the exact same time on your EMR note.
  • At the completion of the session, Clock Out using the EVV app and have the parent sign on the app.
  • Anytime you complete an Evaluation and are recommending services, please write on your eval which days of the week you will be treating.